Looney Tunes Cartoons, New Looney Tunes Shorts, Warner Bros. Animation

Writer - '18

Best Worst Weekend Ever, ½ hr. Live Action, Netflix

Staff Writer – ‘17

Puppy Mysteries – Animated Pilot, Nickelodeon.

Writer – ’16-‘18

Welcome To The Wayne, ½ hr. Animated Show, Nickelodeon.

Staff Writer – ‘17

Pig Goat Banana Cricket, ½ hr. Animated Show, Nickelodeon.

Staff Writer – ‘15 - '16

Loud House,  Animated Show, Nickelodeon.

Freelance Writer – '16


I Love Kellie Pickler, Reality TV Show, CMT

Staff Writer – ‘15


Development Lab, Wilshire Studios

Think tank to create a slate of reality TV shows – ‘14

51 Minds, Freelance Development Consultant

Writer – ‘09 – ‘14

Nick Jr. PromosTeam UmiZoomi Image Campaign feat. Gordon Ramsay, Heidi Klum & Jeff Godron;
Writer – ‘13


MAD, Animated Sketch Comedy Show, Cartoon Network

Writer – ‘10


12th Year Senior, Sitcom Style Reality Show (Pilot), Lion TV, MTV

Writer – ‘05-’06

Moving Up, BBC USA, TLC

Writer – ‘05-‘06

Damage Control, Hidden Camera Prank Show, MTV

Head Writer – ’04 – ‘05
Supervised & hired writers. Wrote over half the creative for all 16 episodes. Worked closely with production, talent & network.

Freelance Promotions & Marketing, Staff writing positions at Nickelodeon On Air Promos and Nicktoons TV. Projects for MTV, Ryan Seacrest Prod., 51 Minds, Aspect Ratio, Nick Jr., Trailer Park, Southpark Digital, Walden Media, Bunker Films.

             Feature Film


The DUFF, CBS Films, Dir. Ari Sandel

Punch Up – ‘14


Scary MoVie (5), Dimension Films, David Zucker, Dir. Malcolm Lee

Punch Up / Re-Writes – ‘13


The Nut Job, 3D Animated Feature, ToonBox Ent., Dir. Peter Lepeniotis

Full Script Punch-Up / Rewrite - Dec ‘13


Movie 43, Sketch Comedy Feature Film, Relativity Media

Writer – “Happy Birthday” segment. Dir. Brett Ratner. – ’13

Rocket Men, Spec Feature – Selected for 2010 “Hit List” by tracking-board.com

Writer – ’10


Civil Warriors, Feature for Carousel Productions & Warner Bros. Ed Helms attachd.

Co-Creator, Co-writer – ‘09


A Whole New Hugh, Feature for Apatow Prod. & Universal. Ed Helms attachd.

Co-Creator, Co-Writer – ’06-‘07


Fanboys, Feature for Weinstein Company. Dir. Kyle Newman.

Re-Writes – ‘07


TMNT, CGI feature, Weinstein Company &Warner Bros.

Punch-Up Writer – ‘07


Everyone’s Hero, CGI feature, IDT Ent. & Fox. Dirs. Brady, Reeve & St. Pierre.

Punch-Up Writer – ‘06


The Assistants, Feature for Tribeca Productions & Paramount Studios.

Co-Writer – ‘05 – ‘06


Unt. Chris Wedge Project, Blue Sky & Fox Animation.

Co-Writer – ‘05-‘06



Tiny Commando, Yahoo, starring Zack Levi, Ed Helms & Gillian Jacobs

Writer, Creator – ’12 – ’13   http://screen.yahoo.com/tiny-commando


Fullscreen Studios, Freelance Sketch Writer – ’13


Tennessee Tuxedo Reboot, – PatMan Studios & Trix’s sillychannel.com

Writer – ‘13  


The Daily: Puppet News, Wrote topical jokes for comedy news segment.

10/11 –-13 (http://www.youtube.com/watchthedaily)


Knock Knock, Short film. Over 2 million views, Cinevegas ‘07, SxSW ‘08, Slamdance ‘08, & Chesapeake ‘08 film festivals.


Intercourse With A Vampire, Web Series commissioned by atom.com. ’09

Over 600,000 views. All episodes aired on Comedy Central.


Atom.com, Commissioned to make 5 shorts. ’09

My shorts generated over 1.5 million views for atom. Many of the shorts aired on Comedy Central.


Pete & Brian Have Fun, Web Series commissioned by Super Deluxe. ‘07

Co-Creator, Co-Writer, Co-Producer

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